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Tetra Toolkit – Passive monitoring tool for TETRA

Tetra Toolkit v1 is passive monitoring tool for TETRA sites developed in strict compliance with ETSI Tetra V2 technical specifications, thus it provides consistent world­wide usability.

Product is always customized according to your demands, so please contact us for price estimation via Contacts.

Core of this product is custom SDR demodulation of Uplink and Downlink traffic on TETRA network with offline database and intelligence reports on captured data.

Main features of product include:

  • Completely passive solution, does not require you to register the device with network operators
  • SDS – Short Data Service – Decoding and fulltext database with “follow stream” ability (querying conversation between two mobile stations SSI-SSI or group based conversation SSI-GSSI)
  • Speech decoding – Available as OGG multimedia with timestamp and channel+frequency information
  • Network infrastructure diagnosis
    • Drive-by monitoring of RSSI (signal strength)
    • Re-send/Reconnect rate of MS (mobile stations)
    • Decoding Error rate (diagnosing problems with traffic decoding based on signal interference)
  • Off-logging all captured data to user provided storage
  • User interface providing control over scanning parameters and turning functions on/off
  • Ability to control multiple SDR devices for wider scanning range
  • Completely Offline solution (ie. map visualisation of RSSI drive-by testing using OpenStreet Maps or MS/TBS location tracking)


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