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About Us

Who We Are

We are technology and security enthusiasts based in Prague, Czech Republic and we focus especially on wireless security of publicly used services such as GSM/LTE mobile networks, and TETRA/TETRAPOL/DMR professional radio network systems.

We also work on analysing security of various mobile stations – both widely used Android/iOS phones, and network specific ones such as Motorola or Hytera.

How we work

We do not mass produce any product or service, our services and products are customized according to your demands. If you are interested in any service or product listed on our pages, feel free to contact us. Price and content of final solution will be fitted to your demands.

Company Philosophy

  1. We do not make compromises in quality, unless it is absolutely necessary
  2. We are patriots, thus we avoid doing anything that could threaten our or other sovereign democratic state’s national security
  3. We do not hide anything from our clients, you can always get to know our subcontractors and procedures

Contact Us

  1. Marek Sebera – CEO
    1. (GPG: 0C95BB51)
    2. +420 608 929 608
  2. Tomáš Suchan – CTO
    1. (GPG: EEDC238A)