About us

ITDS Consulting, s.r.o. is young consultancy company based in Prague, Czech Republic, which primary focus is security and sustainability of wireless networks and data protection.

We provide long time experiences and know-how in many fields, such as:

  • Mission-Critical TELCO, HPC and ICS
  • Security and servicing of TETRA, DMR and GSM/LTE networks
  • R&D in field of intelligence and secret services
  • Penetration testing of mobile devices and wireless networks
  • Physical (access) security of buildings and Social engineering
  • Reverse engineering of both software and hardware appliances / products
  • Crisis management tightly connected with technological security incidents

Our services are strictly on-demand based, we do not directly produce products or services for general public.

Via analysis of your requirements or troubles we provide you with optimal solution. We also provide, or supervise, implementation, integration and after-sale support, so that you are fully satisfied.

Our principles are

  1. Avoid cheap or temporary solutions
  2. Support national security of ours and our international partners
  3. Not to hide anything from our clients and require informed consent

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